The Cats

Our Present Cats


Mmrr (pronounced 'mirrrh') is a domestic short hair cat with a tiny, tiny voice.She was born in April of 1993. Her fur is jet black, and she has a white belly, chin and feet. She is arguably the most gorgeous colored cat in the world. There is no doubt that she is the most loved; just ask D!

Mmrr was our first cat to undergo radioactive iodine (I131) therapy instead of surgery for her hyperthyroid condition. We're very happy to report that she's recovered very well!

Mmrr passed away at 19 years of age. She will always be my soulmate, and loved forever.


Jam is a tortie. Very pretty, too. She was born in April of 1993, and was named "2-sweet" for a while, and D's brother renamed her Jamaica. Once, she spent a few months with D's friend, and her name was changed to "Puck", as a reference to the Shakespeare imp character, and as a reference to her experience as a hockey puck in the house! Her favorite places to sleep are on the bed, on the closet floor, and on her pillow on the couch. Besides hunting down the babies of the house and trying to snuggle with them, her favorite activity is hissing and growling at every other cat in the house :-).

Jamaica passed away in 2009, at 16 years of age, from lymphoma. Loved forever, never forgotten!


Our smallest cat. She's a tiny grey tabby. We got her when she was just a few months old in September of 1995, saving her from the pound. She put us over our limit of two cats in the old apartment. Ty's claim to fame is her soccer and fetch game... Crinkle up a piece of paper, throw it across the room, and Ty will bat it around to make sure it's a good ball, then bring it back to you for more fun! At 17 years of age, Ty is more interested in sleeping and yowling. Now that she is deaf, she is much calmer.


Cody is our only permanent male cat... and it shows. He was born c. 1995. A grey tabby, he's a bit of a bully sometimes, but all he wants is to play with everyone. He has a voice even smaller that Mmrr, and is quite fat. :-( He loves to cuddle, and is by far the most snuggly cat in the house.

Cody passed away in 2010 from lung-digit cancer.


Snuggles was born April 2000, and seems to be Miss Kitty reincarnated! She is a DLH female orange tabby and joined our family when D worked at a feline only hospital. Even though she is the youngest of the bunch, she is quickly working her way to the top!

Snuggles moved on to another home after a few years with us.


Picture pending

Chornaya and her sister, Koshka, were adopted in the summer of 2002 as a pair from D's work. They are litter mates. Chorny's favorite pastimes are drinking water off her paw, rather than lapping from the bowl; chasing Ty around the house; and getting loves and attention from the person sitting on the toilet who has forgotten to close the door!

Cats now living with others

---These cats were temporary placements in our house, but they still found a special place in our hearts :-)


Tuffie, now renamed Taffy, is Cody's sister. They came to live with us through a trade for Buddy the Hamster. A client came to D's work one day, with two one year old cats to vaccinate to take to the pound; the client needed to get rid of the cats for a non-allergenic pet. So, D quickly thinking, offered our hamster in trade for the cats. :-) Andy grudgingly agreed, but has come to love the new additions.

Tuffie is a gray tabby with beautiful highlights of light brown in her coat. She loves to snuggle and get pets from us, but she likes to keep her face away from anything (or anyone). And she's loud :-)

Tuffie became somewhat of a nuisance by peeing everywhere in our new home in California, probably because we had too many cats in the house. We "tossed" her outside, and installed a cat door in the garage for her to escape from other neighborhood cats. She's since adopted John and Dorothy next door, as their only cat. We hardly see her anymore, since they spoil her!

Tuffie passed away after many, wonderful years with John and Dorothy.


Miu and Créme are the two kittens. They were born to an unknown momma cat on April 25, 1997. They are adorable. Miu is the outgoing one, who loves to snuggle and curl up with you while watching TV. She also likes to chew on 120V power cords- not the smartest cat, but lovable.

Since our son became a toddler, Miu is his favorite playmate. They love to snuggle on the "Thinking Chair" and watch Blues Clues together.

Miu and Créme were moved to Foothill College's veterinary technical program in 2002, and were adopted by student s there at the end of the 2002-2003 school year. Miu moved into a home with two dogs, and loves to be spoiled by them; she curls up with them and plays with them. She's happy!


With her sister, Miu, Créme came to us at three weeks of age. She loves to play with telephone cords, and enjoys chasing and being chased by Mmrr around the house.

Miu and Créme were moved to Foothill College's Veterinary Technician program in 2002, and were adopted by students at the end of the 2002-2003 school year.


Elija, a.k.a "Floyd", named for the infamous hurricane, came to us as a foster cat while his owner spends some time in Europe. He's a very friendly and very dominant male cat. He was born about 1994. Elija returned to his owner, and we haven't heard about him since.

In Memoriam


This one adopted us in October of 1997. She was soooo skinny, and we decided to feed her. She has never left. We put a collar on her, and no one has claimed her since. When we moved into our new house, Curly became an indoor cat, and has been wonderful ever since! We think she KNOWS she has a better life now than foragging for food. Her name comes from the way the hair in her ears curls back onto the ear!

Curly died in February of 1999, from lymphangio sarcoma. She was about 6 years old.

Miss Kitty

She's the old lady and queen of the house. In 1996, from D's workplace, where Miss Kitty was the Resident Cat/Mouser, we adopted this long haired, charcoal grey and white cat. She was about 11 years old when she came to live with us, but chased everyone else around the house like a spring chicken.

Miss Kitty was euthanized in early June 1999, because of kidney failure revealed after surgery for her hyperthyroid condition. She was 13 years old.

--- Milky and Spunky were D's Parent's cats, but part of our lives. They were both outdoor cats.


Milky was a native California Cat. She loved to be nasty to everyone she didn't know, then loved to be snuggled by just a few people. She was an outdoor cat, and gave up trying to get inside when the other cats took over. She was born in 1988.

Milkshake was euthanized at the age of 12 years due to squamous cell carcinoma.


Spunky was "the old man" cat. He loved to chase birds, but was afraid of just about everything else. He was an outdoor cat, and enjoyed sleeping - a lot.

Spunky was euthanized in early October 1999, because of liver failure. He was 13 years old.


Simon was Jen's cat who stayed with us from March 1999 until July 1999. He was a lovely, and loving cat. He moved to a new apartment, and then a new home in Redwood City, with Jen. He was born about 1994.

Jen reports that Simon was lost in 2003. We all miss him dearly.


Picture pending

Koshka and her littermate, Chornaya, were adopted in the summer of 2002 from a friend at D's work. Koshka's favorite pastimes were to go inside and outside, and to tear apart toilet paper, paper towels, and any other roll of paper.

Koshka was last seen on Oct 24, 2003, and she did not return home. We hope she is taking a vacation, and we miss her terribly.

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